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Mars Needs Women (1967) – Sci Fi, TV Movie with subtitles

They Were Looking For women. . . To Go All The Way!
Dop leads his fellow Martians to Earth on an interplanetary quest for females. Dop proves that Martians have impeccable taste when one of his first conquests turns out to be sexy scientist Dr. Marjorie Bolen.

Director & Writer: Larry Buchanan
Stars: Tommy Kirk, Yvonne Craig, Byron Lord
Genres: Classics, Cult, Sci-Fi
Budget: $20,000 approx

Join us on a trip to planet C³:


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  1. 010416182027 nói:

    great flick

  2. evie ferraz nói:

    i ask myself, how long it takes to another planet & another dimensions from space to take seriously harmings such incredulous benevoulisms like women & her hearts where it's hidding itself in paradoxes such love & pride.
    mars, if you still needs women, i'm here! know me as antoine laurent lavoisier's bride.

  3. iosu morlog nói:

    parece que no se decidieron por el genero. el argumento daba para terror comedia o erotismo. pero no es ninguna de las tres.

  4. iosu morlog nói:

    yo tambien me habria llevado a la streaper.

  5. Deepaageny nói:

    Why is earth resisting?

  6. Deepaageny nói:

    Sequel to the movie… are becoming happier

  7. Full Metal T-Shirt nói:

    I think I was more entertained watching the surrounding backdrops of the cars, buildings and people than the acting and story. The nostalgia of it was awesome.

  8. Michael Carlisle nói:

    @ 19:32 Martin exits starship with a Radio Shack flashlight.

  9. The "french" guy at 11:50 made me laugh so hard. He was probably a martian spy…

  10. Hungry-Chewy nói:

    Remember what the director – Larry Buchanan – says, folks: "Mars Needs Women, but Zontar Needs Venus even more."
    If you don't get the joke, you might be a tikkytokkytardian. Or a Kardashian.

  11. john mulligan nói:

    this movie is so fast-paced i had a hard time following it. i watched it until they went to houston. well, if the martians are taking five texas women aboard their space ship i guess they will learn something about women.

  12. Tskmaster nói:

    If you watch ANY Larry Buchanan film… you need to reflect upon your life choices and what brought you to this point.
    … oh God, it has the same soundtrack as Attack of the the Eye Creatures, what's happened to my life…

  13. zen babaloo nói:

    This is a quality film. It had me believing from the edge of my seat.
    I've always suspected Mars needs women and now I have the proof!

  14. DAVID BAISON nói:

    Fabulous idea.. They can have mine. I'll pay them . Does Mars take PayPal ?. No returns allowed.

  15. Jorge Hidalgo nói:

    Nice to see the F-111 flying. The plane was cancel by the Air Force secretary when I join the Air Force. Let me tell you, it was big for a fighter.

  16. Allan Ramos Carmona nói:

    Entretenida pelicula de Marte, y lo mejor el Subtitulos en Español.. Ojala las siguientes sean dobladas al Español. 📽

  17. Chivo Ronco nói:

    Mars need women? Me too

  18. Large Knockers nói:

    It's Batgirl Yevonne carries the movie.

  19. Home steading Tennessee river nói:

    Mar's needs women. I be like what you got to trade . Rule one you can't bring them back .

  20. Alex Aquarius nói:

    Besides the hilarious dialog, the xylophone player had me laughing when 1 says ""luck" and they walk away. The music way off dark for today's comedic drama. The man at the cigarette machine didn't even hold still when they cut out his girl. That made me laugh.

  21. Neal Sausen nói:

    Not one of the better movies!

  22. Neal Sausen nói:

    Why do they go to a filling station to get money you would think their research would’ve told Them to go to the bank to be the best place to get cash! I guess the Martians research leaves a little to be desired! If I was one of the Martians I would’ve gone to a bank just materialize inside the vault take what I needed and De- materialized again!

  23. Casa Nova nói:

    Our gene pool is so shallow, if aliens took the five most intelligent women on earth, our species would soon cease to exist!

  24. Ricky Bobby nói:

    Yvonne Craig is so dreamy

  25. ThePiratemachine nói:

    Not bad really. Has a certain charm. Yvonne Craig always good.

  26. Dr Obiyan nói:

    I'm Dr ademola Herbalist i cure all kind of disease like STD/ HIP/HPV

  27. Tom Fisher nói:

    Yvonne Craig = classic beauty

  28. Eddie Wicher nói:

    Watched this on the late night show Fantastic Features with Sivad as master of ceremonies. Those were the days!

  29. Girls of the 60's with sprayed, stiff hair and Hollywood barby girls wanted on Mars, how silly. Oh tomatoes for"ultimatum? Terrible captions! Hahaha 😁😂, hilarious!

  30. James Harrington nói:

    Other commentators here have been in quarenteen too long, I'm only here because this one is in color lol

  31. Steve Butler nói:

    Terrible ending. The alien could have stayed here and started a new genetic line.

  32. Steve Butler nói:

    "Mars needs white women."
    There would be millions of volunteers!
    100:1 ratio?

  33. A Huston, TX. Streep club. LoL
    Hope the Martians know about penicilin!

    Oh, space medicine expert, that all makes sense now!

    . .🤷‍♂️🚑😂🚑🤣🚑🤣🤷‍♂️ . .

    A flight attendant?
    Be ready for a broken heart!

    . . 😅 🤦🏻‍♂️ 💔•💔 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😅 . .

    🤔🤷🏼‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤔 🖖👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🖖

  34. Clan Cambo nói:

    The dialogue is………….well………….. phew!!

  35. Crispy Sunny nói:

    Vnus needs Men

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